Erotic art has a certain presence that can be challenging for the artist to harness, a duality between provocative and alluring. In 2017 I was inspired by some artists on instagram who bring an inventiveness to such a charged subject matter, yet leave room for the viewer to engage without a jolt of immediate shock. The delay of the discovery became equally as powerful as the main attraction, sex and nudity. Now as a creator of such content I’ve begun to develop my own visual language to explore the erotic. The construction of some of my abstract erotic spaces is created by repurposing musical notation and fusing the it with sex to free it from the rigid staff of sheet music. Other works are abstracted from references of models, erotic and explicit content as well; the forms become flattened or enhanced and stylized. The works can range from playful to raunchy. I do not prefer any particular tone, but rather I seek to explore, express and push the boundaries of the works duality. What may seem playful to one viewer can also be seen as obscene to the next to viewer. The questions then become: How explicit is too explicit? Yet can you still be seduced into engaging the work with it by how it was conceived?

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