Jean-Paul Alexandre is a visual artist based out of Boston, MA. Jean-Paul studies painting at Massachusetts College of Art and Design where he will graduate in 2020. Much of his work is inspired by the surrealist and abstract expressionist traditions. Jean-Paul’s practice focuses on improvisation and experimentation which permits flexibility to work in different modes and push his imagination. In the last year Jean-Paul has found great inspiration in physics and cosmology. In his paintings he works with a vibrant modern palette primarily in acrylic and ink. In recent work he has freed his all over abstraction paintings from the stretched rectangle. The free from paintings with torn edges undulate and reach out to the surrounding space. Other works include sculpture and photography with digital manipulation that fuse to create what he calls “hybrids”. Artists that inspire him include artists like Mark Tobey, Sam Gilliam, Norman Lewis and Julie Mehretu.

(Photo taken by Steph Chang)

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