Jean-Paul Alexandre

Jean-Paul Alexandre began painting in 2014 after discontinuing his studies in Chemistry. In 2016, Jean-Paul began attending Massachusetts College of Art and Design. He initially started as a double-major in Industrial Design and Painting before focusing on the latter. In addition to 2D works, he explored various subject matter and modes of creation: video, sound, assemblage, and installation.

In 2019, an everyday observation of refracted light at home spurred his shift to abstraction. The light took the shape of an elongated oval with a pointed tail while the visible spectrum flanked the edges. The light fluctuated in intensity, emanating a poetic sense of life. This experience opened up his sense of wonder and imagination which triggered the resurgence of his interest in science, particularly cosmology and physics, as sources of inspiration for his work.

In 2020, Jean-Paul graduated and earned FA2D Department Honors, the Paul Celli Auction Award, and a Senior Exhibition Award. He currently resides in the Boston area and continues his artistic practice. 

(Photo taken by Steph Chang)

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